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by Yes Pls

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James Barber began his career sculpting reptile masks out of hydrocal plaster. Once, for an art installation, James decorated a baby's nursery. When people went into the room, they found that the baby had been eaten by frightening lizard creatures that jumped out of the walls. He has since translated the same scaly lizard skin aesthetic onto his tripods. Put keys, succulents, or a little candle in these freaky guys.

The Deets:

This unique bowl is made from a very dense "hydrocal" plaster. The mold used to cast these objects was taken from a hand sculpted clay original. Does not include plant but there are small drainage holes drilled in bottom if you want to plant your own.

About The Designer

For years, James Barber did experimental art as a form of self expression. Now, he makes intricate, hydrocal plaster bowls that are beautiful and functional.

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