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Rugs By Gur-mariana-fernandes-rug

Mariana Fernandes Rug

by Rugs By Gur

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Fabrica draws three dimensional stories in handwoven rugs, taking a step forward into bold shapes and naive sketches.
Each rug represents what goes through the minds of this team of young international designers, taking inspiration from their cultural background and mirroring their diverse creative skills: from product to interactive design, from graphic design to illustration.

The Deets:

All Rugs by GUR are handmade. Held in a traditional handloom with raw rag. Embossed technique or over layers of colours.
Finish with basic sewing. Due to this product depend on raw recycled materials sometimes the color palete may slightly vary.
We try to keep the colors as faithful as possible as displayed on the store .
Material: 100% Cotton
Dimensions: 47" by 27,5" ( 120cm x 70cm)
Rug by GUR | Art by Catarina Areias | PROUD TO BE A RUG

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