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Rugs By Gur-black-square-rug

Black Square Rug

by Rugs By Gur

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M A L is a special edition of GUR dedicated to the russian suprematist artist Kazimir Malevich. From the mid-1910s, Malevich removed any trace of figurative or representation from his paintings in favour of pure abstraction. Depicting pure geometrical figures in primary colours, these "new icons for the aesthetics of modern art."

The Deets:

All Rugs by GUR are handmade. Held in a traditional handloom with raw rag.
Embossed technique or over layers of colours. Finish with basic sewing.
Due to this product depend on raw recycled materials sometimes the color palete may slightly vary. We try to keep the colors as faithful as possible as displayed on the store .
Material: 100% Cotton
Dimensions: 39" by 39" (100cm x 100cm)

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