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Richard Clarkson Studio-loop-3-pack

Loop - 3 Pack

by Richard Clarkson Studio

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Designed as an air-plant holder, Loop is a simple leather loop holding and display system. Inspired by a desire to display the many air plants that we have in the studio, it was further developed to hold a variety of sizes of plants and other objects. Each Loop can be displayed two ways - either exposing the leather or suede side.

Loop is available in a number of different colours of leather (stock dependent), with one white grommet on one end and a coloured grommet on the other. This enables an aesthetic choice at point of install - match multiple loops up with the white grommet showing, or get crazy and mix it up with a range of colourful grommets.

Loop is available in three sizes - small, medium and large to allow you to display a range of object sizes. They look great displayed alone, or in multiples. They require a simple screw to install (and anchor if appropriate). For U.S orders here is the option to purchase a small or medium air plant to display in your loop.

About The Designer

Creator of indoor thunderstorms.

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