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Rejuvenating Rose Mask

Rejuvenating Rose Mask

by Ixmucane Skin Care

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Our Blush Rejuvenating mask does wonders for normal to dry skin. Pink kaolin clay is a mild cleanser, it improves circulation and promotes skin cell rejuvenation. The natural oils found in roses help retain moisture, especially beneficial to those with sensitive skin. Hibiscus petals have a toning effect and encourage fresher, younger, and smoother looking skin and geranium essential oil helps fade scars and dark spots.

How to:
In a small dish scoop out about 1/2 teaspoon of product and mix very slowly with a few drops of water until forming a paste. Apply to face with your finger or a brush avoiding the eye and lip area. Wait 10-15 min and rinse throughly with warm water. Follow with a balancing toner and a moisturizer.

Rose Kaolin clay, dried food grade rose petals, dried organic Guatemalan hibiscus petals, geranium essential oil.

* Suitable for all skin types
* (Do not use on broken or irritated skin)

Size: 2 oz