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'Kento' the Elm

by Dandy Farmer

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Meet 'Kento' the Lacebark Elm!

Corky bark and naturally small serrated leaves give me a true bonsai look faster than others. I also grow a lot of leaf buds from my trunk, which means I grow quickly, and you get to choose the best branches to keep. I will do well in partial sunlight, but a little direct sunlight is fine as well. Water me thoroughly when my pots gets dry, or starts to feel light. After a good watering, you'll notice how much heavier I am. In winter, wrap my pot with some insulating material like newspaper or a simple box, and set me outside in a protected spot. 

Pot dimensions: 5"W x 3.5"H

*as no two handmade pots are the same, pot dimensions are best approximations

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