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Inkwell Helmets-super-mario-land-helmet

Super Mario Land Helmet

by Inkwell Helmets

Regular price $300.00

For the environmentalist, bike enthusiast and Mario Kart cult leader.

Designer Danielle Baskin knows the pain of wearing a hideous helmet because she had to do it herself. After ordering an unsightly helmet off Amazon and spinning around in shame, she decided to paint over her purchase. Nine years later, she's designed a line of fashionable helmets that make safe cycling super cool. This bicycle helmet is perfect for riding a bike (duh), rescuing princesses, and exploring underground tunnels.

The Deets:

All of our helmet designs are one-of-a-kind, hand-painted with ink and acrylics, and sealed with a UV-protected varnish to make its surface scratch and water-resistant. Each helmet comes with adjustable foam padding for the perfect fit. The S/M fits head circumferences 20" - 22.75" and the L/XL fits head circumferences 23" - 24.75".

About The Designer

Danielle Baskin, helmet queen, creates the most famous helmets on the internet - on which she uses her art skills to paint everything from landscapes to fruits.

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