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'Fred' the Mugo Pine

by Dandy Farmer

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Meet 'Fred' the Mugo Pine!

I might reach 10 feet after 10 years, but only in the ground. In my pot I like to stay nice and small. I’m Frederick, and I have a refreshing pine forest scent. I’ve been trained into this spiral shape. I prefer full or partial sun locations for optimal health. Open the window or take me out to get fresh air and sunlight from time to time. In winter, I go dormant, so it’s best to leave me in a cold unheated room, or outside in a protected spot. Give me a deep watering and never let my pot dry out. You can prune me in spring, after my candles have formed.

Pot dimensions: 5"W x 3.5"H

*as no two handmade pots are the same, pot dimensions are best approximations

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