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Designs Tandem-tassle-light

Tassle Light

by Designs Tandem

Regular price $90.00

Beautiful fixture light. Statement piece for a modern atmosphere.

Inspired by leather tassles, this piece is a really simple and clean design, perfect as a side lamp for your leaving room or reading area, as well as a great bedroom side light.

A unique home decor with strong personality.

18 inch tall by 12 inch wide.
40W half gold bulb included.

Porcelain socket, fabric electric cord pink, bambu wood and green leather strap.

Each leather piece varies from color and size, since recycled vintage straps are used. Each piece is unique and completely handmade.

Materials: pink fabric cord, green leather, half gold bulb, electric, fabric cord, blue cord, porcelain socket, wood, bambu wood, suede leather, leather