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Spirit Eye Stud Earring

by Demetria Chappo

Regular price $40.00

Stud earring hand-sculpted porcelain and hand-painted with a spirit eye. Mix and match, feel free to stack. With the spirit eye, the more the merrier.

The Deets:

On sterling silver post .Listing is for a single stud. Mix and match. Most studs measure approx 13-16mm across. Current styles shown in second image.

Row1: Full Moon, New Moon, Crescent Moon, Wink, EosDark, EosLight

Row2: LashPoint, Lashes, Round LashRay, Round Helios, Round Lash

About The Designer

Ceramicist Demetria Chappo believes in owning meaningful things and her designs contain the powerful message of the "spirit eye."

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