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Clarifying Clay Mask

Clarifying Clay Mask

by Ixmucane Skin Care

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Our clarifying mask is a deep cleansing treatment; perfect for oily or acne prone skin. Activated charcoal acts like a supercharged magnet and draws impurities and toxins out of your skin while bentonite clay nourish it and relieves dryness and irritation. Tea tree oil Lemongrass and Grapefruit essential oil have antiseptic and antibacterial properties that will leave your skin refreshed and clean.

How to:
In a small dish scoop out about 1/2 teaspoon of product and mix very slowly with a few drops of water until forming a paste. Apply to face with your finger or a brush avoiding the eye and lip area. Wait 10-15 min and rinse throughly with warm water. Follow with a balancing toner and a moisturizer.

Ingredients: Bentonite Clay, Activated Charcoal, Tea tree essential oil, Grapefruit essential oil, Lemongrass essential oil

* Suitable for normal to oily/acne prone skin
* (Use once a week)
* (Do not use on broken or irritated skin)
* (Activated charcoal may stain clothes)

Size: 2 oz.

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