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Art Of Plants-the-jumper

The Jumper

by Art of Plants

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Inspired by the movement of hopping insects, designer Jenny Wong-Stanley figured out how to bend wood (yes - you heard us correctly) to fashion the complex Jumper Vase. She's a former scientist, hence her supernatural ability to bend the unbendable, so you probably won't find this type of vase anywhere else. We'd bet money on it.

The Deets: This solid softwood whirl ends in a splash of acrylic paint. Due to the nature of the wood bending process and the wood itself, each sculpture is unique. Variations in color, graining, and dimensions will exist. Approximately 4” tall x 6.5” wide

Remove plant from sculpture and submerge in a bowl of dechlorinated water for 5 to 10 minutes every two to three days. Allow plant to dry fully before returning to sculpture.