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Hanna K-L

Where are you from? What is it like to be an artist in Sweden?
I'm from Gothenburg, the second largest city in Sweden. There are a lot of great young artists here but from my point of view, most of the work is pretty much the same. Having the courage to be different hasn't been popular in Sweden since, like, forever. So it's easy to stand out if you have a certain expression not many others have. 

Why prints? How did you get started?
Both of my parents are artists in different areas, so I have been growing up around lots of creativity. I started studying design directly after I quit high school but I didn't know what field in design I wanted to focus on. I'm doing my bachelors in fine arts at the moment. A little over a year ago I realized I am more into graphic design/art and that I should concentrate on that. In September 2015 I started to create sellable visual art and decided to develop ambitions outside of school. Since then I have gotten a lot of attention that I totally didn't expect to get so soon, so it's super fun!

What is your process like? How do you decide on your images, colors and layout?
It's always different. Sometime I just sit down with my computer and say "let's do an art print" without any thoughts of how it's going to turn out.  I have an imagination storage in my brain of stuff I have yet to make. I always struggle with color combinations. I'm such a colour enthusiast and have a lot of favorite combos. I find new ones I love all the time. Deciding what colors to use together in a piece is very important to me and it's what takes the most time.

You say you’re obsessed the 80s and 90s. Can you tell us more? What particular aspects of these decades inspire you?
I have fantasized about living in the 80s since I was15 and started going crazy for 80s glam rock bands. Soon enough, everything about the century appealed to me. Being born in the early 90s, I have always loved the style, clothing - as I was too young to explore it back then. I take a lot of inspiration from the iconic graphics of both these decades - objects, colours, patterns, typography. And so many great logos.

Do you have a favorite piece? If so, why?
I like different pieces for different things. I just hung one of my Cali prints up over my sofa and I love it there because it matches everything in my apartment. "Weekend Away" is currently my iPhone wallpaper and it's super pretty on the screen! So I guess it's a matter of place.

You’re still super young, only in your early 20s. Where do you see your artistic career headed? Where do you want to be in 20 years professionally?
I don't see Sweden being the right place for me at the moment. The majority of interest is coming from different places in California, which is amazing for me because it's my dream to move there. After I get my bachelor's I will probably stay in Sweden until I can take my stuff with me to the US. The rest is still blurry. Hopefully I'll have fun and become successful!

You love the American West. How did this come about, and how is it represented in your work?
Sweden is not very fun throughout most of the year. Every time summer ends, I feel like all my inspiration goes away. I have to imagine myself being some place else. I've never been to California but from where I am it looks perfect - the plants and palm trees and pretty streets and houses and all of the amazing places to go.

Do you have any anecdotes about a certain piece that was really crazy, exciting or hard to pull off?
Hmm. I was on a study trip with my classmates last year and it was extremely boring, like you could tell even the teachers regretted taking us there. But in the foyer where we were staying, they had some perfect foliage. I took a picture of it and turned it into a print, and now it's my most popular art print so far. I'm happy we went even though I learned nothing!

What inspires you in general?
Stuff I don't have. For example, we barely see the sun here during winter, so sunny places inspire me. And I want a lot of clothes that I can't afford, so instead I just take a lot of inspiration from them. That's pretty much the gist.