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Walking into Andrew Haan's second floor studio, an abrupt serenity takes over. Tucked in a small, airy corner of his perfectly styled home, the studio magically mutes the passing cars up on Sunset Boulevard and lets in light you didn't know existed. Haan's desk anchors the entire room, and it's easy to imagine him there for hours, meticulously drawing line after line for one of his geometric masterpieces.

Haan, a Michigan native, former Florida resident and recent-ish LA transplant, is deeply influenced by his background in architecture and design. After a few corporate stints in both - spent catering to the direction of others - Haan decided to ditch the pressure of following orders and challenge his own creativity.

"After moving to LA I figured - let's try to let go of these nerves and just create. I always felt like I was creating from the mold of someone telling me what to do or where I should go. I would get lost in it, and would end up creating something that wasn't me."

Andrew is finally allowing himself to find his personal inspiration and style - and it's resonating. He finds inspiration in napkin folds and shadows on the sidewalk. His brain auto-routes to black, white, coral, and seafoam blue. He examines the world visually, and then maps his musings to physical form. If anything, Haanmade's explosive success is a testament to the random impulses and visions swimming through Andrew's mind.

The result? Thoughtfully framed prints that are both simple and arresting. Each piece demands we recognize the beauty of lines and folds we see - and ignore - every day. Gridded paper poses in the frame and commands your attention, ready to be glorified, and in ways, appreciated for the very first time.

After watching Andrew work almost angelically in his tiny white studio, it's hard to envision him slaving away at some shitty marketing job in the Florida heat. One day amidst his crash and burn routine, he finally realized that he wasn't where he wanted to be, nor was he anywhere he had to be.

"I grew the courage to push that part of me into the past, and it immediately birthed this new side I hadn't explored before. I took some time to figure out my style, and now it's generating some sort of attention, which inspires me to keep on going."