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Coco Lapine

Sarah Van Peteghem, Belgian designer now based in Berlin, has a serious knack for turning ordinary rooms into Pinterest-worthy photo-ops. She's an interior stylist, prolific blogger and, lucky for us, a print-making mastermind. She's been featured in endless Berlin design zines and her Instagram is like a mecca for minimalist decorators. We scoured her site for the perfect prints. And you can tell, we had trouble picking just a handful.

Name: Sarah Van Peteghem. Born and raised in Antwerp, Belgium, but have lived in Berlin for the last 5 years.

Getting started: I started with an interior design blog because I wasn't getting so much creative satisfaction out of my day job and was looking for a way to express myself. About three years ago my boyfriend and I released our first print. We both design the pieces for Coco Lapine.

Why prints? I like to make things that fit in an interior, mostly the interiors that inspire me and that I post on my blog. It’s a wonderful feeling to see something of yourself hanging in someone’s living room.

Favorite piece: The Mountain ABC print. I was inspired by the technique of layering paint textures on top of each other and shaping the rocky textures of the mountains. This technique was used later on for the Precious finds series and the Kētos print.

Styling tip: Instagram is the perfect platform to see how people integrate my prints in a room and how to combine it with other design elements.

The step-by-step: It varies. Sometimes I go out and take pictures, which I then edit into a graphic print. Sometimes I start from a certain technique, like the Mountain ABC technique. Sometimes I have an idea of a concept and I will try and find the right technique to make it happen. I will always make a lot of proof prints, to adjust colors and such. But mostly, I do this to make sure the print looks nice in an interior. In fact, all prints will first spend a long time in our home, moving from room to room, so I can take a good look and experience it as an interior piece before I sell it.

Drawing inspiration: I'm mainly inspired by interiors, but can also get some from an art show, or look at a packaging or labeleling and get a nice idea for a graphic.

Starting a company: I built Coco Lapine very gradually and only quit my full-time job as a designer 3 months ago, so it was a slow process. Initially, only my spare time went into making it a reality. But this also allowed me to have distance and not take it all too seriously. 

As a child: Shy, distracted and always doing something crafty. I was a happy child but hated school until I went to University and studied design.

Adult achievement: Seeing the Mountain ABC in so many houses around the world.