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Byk and Fisch

Dynamic husband/wife duo, Astrid and Shaun, are the creators of all things pocket adornments. After Shaun struggled to find the perfect pocket square for a big presentation, he decided to take matters into his own hands. With decades of expertise under their belts, they started Byk and Fisch, a company dedicated to pocket squares.

Tell us about your team! Where are you all from and how did you meet each other?We are a husband and wife team with over two decades of combined sewing, design, and international luxury expertise. We splits our time between working in New York City and building a humble home on the Riviera Nayarit in Mexico.

How did Byk and Fisch come to be?
Byk and Fisch was born out of two needs. First, I (Shaun) was tired of working in traditional retail. I wanted to work my own hours and be directly responsible for my own existence. Second, I did some brand consulting and one of my first clients was LVMH and I had to do a presentation to a group of executives about what luxury means. I went looking around NYC for a pocket square to finish my look. Upon doing so, I realized that the pocket square was an accessory being overlooked by most companies. Quality was all over the place, and most of the silks seemed dated and unappealing. Discussing this with my wife, who is a master seamstress, we decided to launch a company dedicated solely to making beautiful pocket squares.

You have a really interesting manta about beauty and perfection. Tell us a little more about it and why it’s so important to your company.
“Our beauty is perfection and our perfection is beauty.” This is more a philosophy about our pursuit than anything else. Simply, we don’t cut corners or take short cuts. You will never see a Byk and Fisch product with a thread that is loose, dangling, or out of place. When it comes to the construction and finishing of our product… we don’t believe in “good enough.” Our patterns and designs may be light-hearted (bordering on silly sometimes), but our dedication to making something without flaws is something we take very seriously. 

What’s your design process like? How does a product go from an idea to a reality?
Our design process is as random as it is calculated. The color, the feel, the mood of our line is a direct response to our intuition about what’s going on in the market. That part is calculated. Since we’ve made a transition to doing our own digital printing directly on silk it has allowed our design process to become more random, whimsical, and fun. For example, I’m a lifelong surfer so Astrid creates original digital art that matches my style aesthetic. That part is super fun.

You mentioned that luxury is close to your hearts. Tell us about your pursuit for luxury and how that influences your work.
We believe that luxury is about time and timelessness. It’s not about money or status. Our pocket squares are made with the best thread, the best silks, and are sewn with time-tested techniques. They are meant to last a lifetime. We hope that someday they are passed down from father to son or daughter. To us, that is luxury… making a quality product that is able to transend a generation.

Do you all have a favorite piece?
Our favorite piece is always the one we’ve most recently created. Each and every time Astrid creates new art for a piece I will invariably say, “This is the best one we’ve ever made.” In that moment I thoroughly believe that right up until the next one is made.

If you could tell your customers one thing about your products, what would it be?
I want to tell our customers that there are no rules. People tend to get really fussy about the proper way to fold a pocket square, but I say just throw that damn thing in there and have fun! Or better yet… have your partner or friend style it for you… you can’t go wrong!

What inspires Byk and Fisch?
Our inspiration comes from our customers. We get so many nice emails and social media posts about how our products make people feel good. Hearing that something we’ve made gives a person an added jolt of confidence – that’s just priceless!

Why pocket adornments?
Why pocket adornments? I think pocket squares and rounds show a “next-level” attention to detail and style. A jacket and tie is expected sometimes, but throwing in the pocket square shows a little added “je ne sais pas.”