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Tell us about yourself! What's your name + where are you from?

My name is Sarah Brown, I’m originally from the Boston area, but I lived in New York for 8 years. In January of this year I decided to move to Nashville Tennessee, which was a big life change obviously. 

How did you get started with Bit X Brown?

I’ve been designing and making jewelry since I was 13 and now I'm 26 so, it’s been a long time!   I’ve worked in a lot of different aspects of the jewelry industry, and for the first time I'm able to completely devote myself to it and my own vision which is exciting.

How is it working in Nashville versus when you were in New York, has it influenced your work at all?

It’s an adjustment for sure, I’m someone who feeds off of the energy of a place, so in New York that meant I was getting a lot done and was super manic, but I was also extremely stressed out all the time. Here, I'm definitely calmer, and I would like to think happier, but definitely moving at a slower pace which can sometimes be frustrating.  It’s really good for me to see and experience the difference between the two.  I have found that there’s a lot of opportunity here because theres more physical space, and also creative space. There’s not as much competition happening so it’s so cool to be inspired and to have the space to create, as opposed to the constant madness of New York City where there is less space and more competition. My boyfriend and I moved here together and he’s a drummer, so it’s nice because we are both able to have our own studio space. I have no idea how long I’ll be here or if it will work out but it’s definitely a good experience for me!

What inspires you?

 I’m constantly inspired by things around me whether that’s nature, or clothing - since I design jewelry I'm really inspired by clothing that I see. I’ve been really into words lately, almost like making poetry out of jewelry.  The stamped necklaces that I make are one expression of that, and I also just started creating embroidered chokers with words on them, so it really varies. I’ve been inspired by so many different things in my life and it honestly changes week to week.

What is your design process like? How does it go from an idea to reality? 

My process is basically that I’ll see something in my mind that I want to make, usually a combination of ideas, then I sit down and try to make it with what I have. Usually I’ll realize, ‘Oh I need something else’ - more materials, or different tools, so I go get the components needed to complete the vision.

If you have one, what’s your favorite product, or favorite material to work with?

My favorite product is my hammered stacking rings because I find them to be so versatile and timeless.  I’ve given them to every single person in my life whether it’s my aunt or my best friend; Men can wear them, women can wear them, they're just so versatile, so that would be my favorite. It’s not my most exciting but I just like that it’s universal. They're made of my favorite material to work with which is gold fill. I love gold fill because it’s affordable but it’s a precious metal, so it doesn't really tarnish ever.  I wear my gold fill pieces in the shower, when I sleep, when I workout and I love making something that you don't have to take off or worry about what it’s gonna do to your skin.

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