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We're addicted to Ashkahn's greeting cards. They encapsulate everything we want a boy to think and say and most of our sentiments toward friendship and life. We visited the self-proclaimed Stationery Prince in his Downtown LA studio to confess our love and steal cards from his newest collection.

A.S.L: My name is Ashkahn Shahparnia, I am ageless, and I am from Redondo Beach CA.

What's your deal: I've been an artist all my life. I've been a professional, self-employed one for a solid 8 years now. I started when my mom and dad gave me crayons and paper to shut me up.

Why you do what you do: Because I have to. I want to spread love. I want people to feel.

What inspires you: EVERYTHING inspires me. Literally EVERYTHING. The air, burritos, sunsets, palm trees, my puppy, tequila and lips to name a few.

Favorite piece: My shiva vase designed by Etore Sottsass. It's magnificent.

How it feels when someone flips a shit for your cards: Better than sex.

But if ___ bought a card, you would flip a shit: Taylor Swift.

How you come up with an idea for a card: I don't force anything. I don't sit there and try very hard to think of the next birthday card design. I let everything come effortlessly and it's my job to catch that idea out of thin air and turn it into something tangible. I work very fast.

Why a card from you is different than a Hallmark card: Because there is love and feeling in the product that's made by an independent maker. There is care. You are also supporting the lively hood of an individual who loves to create.

Where you'd take me on a tour of LA: I LOVE Los Angeles. I'd start by taking you for breakfast at Sqirl then to see beautiful artwork at The Broad Museum then tiki drinks at Tiki Ti.

If you ever thought you might give up: YES. Starting your own company is the craziest idea ever and you have to be ready for it. You have to be ready for the rollercoaster ride of not knowing how you are going to put food on the table and when the next paycheck is going to arrive. It's not for everyone.

Baby Ashkahn was: A sweet rascal (so I'm told).

Maker Ashkahn is: A sweet rascal.

Your crowning achievement: Having a large beautiful studio and employing some of the best people ever.