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insane imagination // wonderful weirdo // all about alienz

Tell us about yourself! What's your name + where are you from?

My name is Abby Jame, I was born in New Rochelle, NY but I grew up in a cute little small town called Katonah, NY.

What was the point where you decided you wanted to start your company?

I wanted to make my art into little accessible things. I also liked the idea of having complete control over what to design and sell.

What made you decide to be an artist?

I actually always wanted to be a pop star but I’m too weird and shy and can’t sing, and  this is pretty much the only thing I feel naturally inclined towards.

What’s the rocket science behind designing a product? How does it go from an idea to reality?

I usually have an idea and then draw it and make it a digital image immediately then get it made. I should probably have a system that involves thumbnails and time and grids and editing, but whatever.

Which product is your favorite?

I like the little cyclops bear pin, and I like the mugs. They’re good mugs. I also like the items that say “Thinking to Death”

Crowning achievement?

Well I had dropped out of art school, Parsons in NYC,  five years ago, and about two years ago I reapplied. I thought they wouldn’t accept me, or that I wouldn’t be able to afford it or something but I totally got back in and made the Dean’s List. But maybe they accept everyone now, who knows.

What inspires you in general?

Animals IRL, animals online, Adventure Time, my friends’ boy problems, my pulsating anxiety and self loathing, naked girl bodies, 90’s cartoons, etc.